Baby Gift ideas

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Can’t make it? Ideas for unique baby gift deliveries...

The arrival of a baby is always a joyous occasion. It is a time to celebrate, compliment the baby’s parents on their beautiful child and make them feel special. Unfortunately, that is not always possible, because either they do not live in your area, or you are on an extended trip and won’t be home for a while. In that case you may have to send your gift through the mail, or have it delivered directly to them.

Flowers for the mother can be sent to the hospital or the home. Arrangements of carnations, lilies, poms, daisies, roses, and delphinium can be either pink or blue, depending on the sex of the baby. The gorgeous hand picked bouquet can come in a nicely tapered glass vase, or any type of decorative container or basket, and be paired with a keepsake frame, balloons, a fruit basket, delicious Belgian chocolates, or an adorable teddy bear.

Baby gift baskets can be delivered virtually anywhere in the world. The vendors can pack matching one-piece body suits, booties, tees, a receiving blanket, a sippy cup, fork and spoon, bibs, burp cloths, washcloths, bottles, rattles and small toys into a coordinated, fabric lined hamper and send it straight to the designated address. Depending on the order, a baby's first footprint kit, bath time necessities or a cuddly plush animal can be added, as well as coffee, tea, cookies and a bottle of Champagne for mum & dad.

There are a number of gift packages that will leave a lasting impression. A baby ‘necessity’ diaper bag includes everything a child needs, from a manicure set, gel teether, a small pillow, baby oil & powder to a comb & brush. Baby bouquets resemble incredible flower arrangements, which they are not. The flowers actually consist of baby clothes cleverly rolled into bloom shapes, which are creatively bunched together in boxes, bowls, wooden pull wagon, etc. Baby bouquets are ideal for hospital deliveries where ordinary flowers & plants may not be permitted.

Diaper Cakes are the perfect gift for expecting or new parents! They can be small, or have multiple layers of cloth or disposable diapers, nicely arranged in the shape of a – you guessed it - cake. They can also include small plush toys, tees, infant onesies, soft towels, nappies and burp cloths. Diaper cakes can be plain, tied together with fabric ribbons and satin bows or be beautifully adorned with cascading silk flowers. They can be extravagantly overloaded with playthings or simple and themed. Popular topics are ladybugs, jungle animals, Winnie the Pooh, giraffe, ducks and frogs.

Aside from traditional baby gifts, nowadays almost any type of present can be delivered to the maternity ward or a residential address. Generally, and for the right price, online vendors will send your personalized picture frames, security blankets, activity seats, bronzed baby shoes, angel figurines and first piggy banks to just about any destination in the world. Your order can even be delivered the next day, accompanied by your congratulatory greetings. Deliveries can happen so fast today, that by the time you call to see if your gift has arrived, the mom may already have consumed half the box of decadent pralines you included for her!