The value of Christening Gifts

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The welcoming of a child into the Christian community is a special event which is celebrated with a ceremony and religious gifts, rather than practical ones.

These presents are usually not bought in your everyday shop, but can often be found in church gift shops, or on religious gift websites.

Godparents are generally well-connected to the family of the child and will be responsible for the child's religious growth. They will also care for the child if something would happen to the parents. As spiritual guides, godparents typically offer generous and lasting gifts like a sterling silver name bracelet, a 14K baby/ child yellow gold chain and cross, or a cream bound New Testament with inlaid cross. They can also provide the heirloom christening gown, bonnet and blanket or a stunning baptismal dress, accented with intertwining polyester satin ribbon at the bodice, to help complete the child's special sacramental day.

Bestowing a child with a Christian name is a spiritual event and should be celebrated accordingly.
There are a number of wonderful themes that witnessing guests can incorporate into their christening gifts. A cross is an important element marking the holiness of the event. It symbolizes the washing away of sins, and memorializes Christ's death and resurrection. Hearts represent love, while angels are God’s messengers and will watch over the child. Bringing flowers and floral arrangements to a Christening is also appropriate. They signify life.

Although practical gifts such as baby clothing and toiletries are always appreciated, it would be best to add a present with spiritual meaning. This can be a child’s first Bible, Praying Hands statues or wall hangings, ceramic holy water holder, satin booties with beaded cross, guardian angel medallions or a blessing personalized cross box which is ideal for keeping necklaces, rings, or special charms. Also quite appropriate are artfully engraved commemorative photo album to hold photos from the actual Christening ceremony and the joyful celebration afterwards, pillar Baptismal candles with silver plate holder dish, Noah’s Ark kid dinnerware or a monogrammed silver baby bangle with first, middle & last initial,

Since the Tudor times, silver Apostle Spoons have been traditional Christening and Baptism presents. If that particular style is not what you are looking for, maybe a modern sterling silver loop spoon presented in a beautifully hinged jeweler’s case will please you more. A baby’s first cutlery can be purchased as a set and include a plain finish pusher. In this case, you can also wrap a lacey or embroidered bib.

Uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews and close family friends have plenty of spiritual gifts to choose from. Depending on their budget, a variety of first rosaries can be purchased. Some have pink, blue or white crystal and Czech beads or pearls, a small Crucifix and enameled, patron Saint, pewter, gold-plated or Rhodium centerpieces. They are kept in a soft velour or organza keepsake pouch.

To immortalize this blessed event grandparents often buy a silver-plated birth certificate or Baptism document holder with the child’s name, birth and Christening date engraved. It can be presented in rosewood-finish keepsake gift box, or can be offered sitting on a decorative footed metal or wooden stand. Keeping these manuscripts safe and protected is of the upmost importance not only to those involved in the child’s upbringing, but also to the child, which, one day, will grow up and explore its religious beliefs.