Are career themed gifts acceptable?

Corporate gift Giving

It does not matter if you are walking up and down the flea market, browsing through antique stores, or

even at a local supermarket, many interesting items associated with a specific job or career will catch your eye.

These pieces were created to celebrate important professions, to highlight the achievements of those who succeeded in their careers, or those who are still in the process of learning the trade.

Many professions are affiliated with specific characteristics that will distinguish them from other vocations. Firefighters will receive many toy fire trucks throughout their career; doctors will end up with a bundle of stethoscopes; coaches may never run out of whistles, and many a pilot has more airplanes models hanging from his recreation room ceiling by the time he retires, then he ever flew.

People love to point out how proud they are of the accomplishments of their loved ones, and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as they bring variety into their gift ideas. There are only so many coffee mugs, name tags, novelty ties, door plaques, dressed-up stuffed bears, pins and brooches, or caricature drawings a person needs in a lifetime.

Clothing offers many possibilities. Many stores offer a wide variety of T-Shirts, sweaters, jackets and caps, all printed with amazing cartoon pictures, slogans and other incredible decorations. Many merchants are also set up to personalize their merchandize. This allows you to add a name, location, or funny phrase. The more you add, the more unique your gift will be.

Statues and figurines can be given for any occasion. Make sure they are original, tasteful, and of lasting quality. Humorous and useful collectables are also quite desired. For example, if your brother is a cook or maître d', buy him a chef or waiter wine bucket instead of a boring statuette, which will only collect dust on a shelf. Many items we use daily can be found tailored to certain professions. Wine bottle tops, business card holders and other desk accessories, ice cream scoops, or soap dishes have been manufactured to illustrate many important and unusual occupations.

Books, newspaper and magazine subscriptions never go to waste. They can help the recipients improve their skills, or keep them informed about progress, inventions and new developments related to their profession. This is extremely imperative to people who work, for instance, in the medical field, the media, technology, or with computers. They may even appreciate a refresher, or skill-update course or two.

The majority of people love personalized gifts. Engrave a nurse’s watch, a teacher’s note pad & pen holder, the designer briefcase for your brother who is an accountant, a trophy of the family writer, or the leather sketchbook cover for your artistic daughter. Add some funky items like a pewter-finish soccer ball bank, a movie camera desk lamp, a police car Christmas ornament, and guitar earrings, or animal statue book ends, and your gift will be complete.

Don’t think that there are limits. Even homemakers, factory workers, warehouse managers, delivery guys, secretaries, butchers, bus drivers and priest can receive gifts related to their trade. All you need to do is use your imagination and highlight the job’s characteristics. It’s as simple as that!