Gourmet gift baskets make great corporate gifts

Over the years, gift baskets have become increasingly more popular, and not just for personal use, but also to show appreciation in the corporate world.

Gift baskets are impressive, practical, and can be customized to suit the individual or the occasion. They can be delivered to business partners, loyal customers or employees who are celebrating a special birthday, an anniversary, are having a new baby, or were promoted. You can also send a gift basket if they –or one of their close family members – is hospitalized. The list of opportunities to send a gift hamper is endless.
When ordering a corporate gift basket it is important to know what your goal is. If you want to woo over a new client you may want to opt for a more expensive assortment of treats and drinks, while you may get away with a simpler version, when you simply want to say ‘Thank You!’

In the corporate world, sending gifts is always a delicate matter. You have to be careful what you send and who to address it to. A quick company study or a phone call to a contact person at the company may give you the information you need to make an informed decision. While you are already inquiring, do not forget to ask if the addressee has allergies, intolerances, and if there are items he or she dislikes. This is vital, especially if you are sending food baskets. Not everyone likes roasted macadamia nuts, cinnamon biscuits, marinated Feta cheese, or chili peanuts. Before adding alcohol, verify that the recipient does drink, and is not a recovering alcoholic.

Holidays such as Easter and Christmas lend themselves well to impress your clients, board members and other important executives. Most gift basket services will prepare decorative hampers especially for these occasions; they will include chocolate, candy, treats and other merchandize typical for the Season.

Business people usually have little time for extensive shopping sprees. Therefore, they prefer to purchase their gifts online. Since more and more vendors have joined the world of e-commerce, the selection of exquisite gift baskets has drastically increased. Today, nobody should have trouble finding that perfect gift basket that will exactly deliver the message or impression it is meant to convey.

If management has little time to do their own shopping, a secretary can always start the research, and collect the URLs of those vendors they deem exclusive and worthy of their business. Shopping online is like any other business transaction; your opponent has to be reliable, offer discounts for multiple baskets, deliver anywhere in the world, have an acceptable cancellation policy, and offer various, secure payment options. Their customer service should be impeccable.

There is no room for error in the business world, so whatever gifts are being exchanged have to be perfect and to the point. Corporate gift baskets have to be stylish, impressive, and appropriate for the occasion. A gift selection that is perfect for one client may be offensive to another. It is another good reason to thoroughly research your recipients before placing your order. Double-checking has never hurt, not in the business world, and not when you are selecting gifts! Always remember that!