The Power of Business Gifts

intro laptop gift

Business gifts have probably been used since the stone ages, or around the time when humans first started trading.

The difference today is that the quality stone axes or fresh pheasants have been replaced by more civilized gifts.

Executive gifts are part of today’s business strategies. They can either be an incentive to urge potential clients to place an order or a reward to those customers who have been loyal for years. Whatever your motives may be, choose gifts that fit the product or idea you are promoting. Having a fruit basket delivered when you are trying to unload a crate of electronics is not the right choice. Instead you may either send over a sample of the mobile phones, digital photo key chains or satellite radios you are selling, or opt for another gadget related to your industry.

Always consider the value of the business gift in relation to the importance of the deal you are trying to close. Don’t spend money personalizing professional poker sets, crystal desk clocks, silver plated money clips, pocket watches and marble bookends for small orders or short-term services. For those clients it is better to stick to simple baseball caps, journals, business card cases, desk planners, picture frames, flash drives or coffee mugs emblazoned with your company name or logo.

Promotional products are a multi-billion dollar a year business. This shows that most entrepreneurs promote their company and that your gifts may get lost in the crowd if they are not original. The only way to prevent your gadgets from ending up stashed away in a drawer is to avoid standard items like pens, travel mugs, letter openers, anti stress toys, and printed notepads. Instead you may opt for deluxe solar chargers, pod shaped ecospheres, or other environmentally friendly items. The list of impressive gifts continues with custom tranquility desk fountains, illuminating mouse pads, antimicrobial & washable keyboards, sling pack cooler bags, quality pocket knives, dynamo flashlights, or personalized garment bags.

Finding promotional gifts that are exciting may require some planning. Look for items you can build on or expand. Give an elegant Japanese calligraphy tea set one year at Christmas and a matching serving tray the next. A velour bathrobe can be followed by matching towels, pajamas, etc. Jewelry, golf supplies, electronics, tools are all ideal categories for such advertising campaigns.

Aside from personalized, engraved or imprinted business gifts, it is also appropriate to send wine and gourmet food baskets, flower arrangements, signature chocolates, or snacking treats for other reasons. Top clients can fall ill or have a bad accident, they or their wives can have a baby, or a close relative can die. These are all occasions where a gift can make an impression; just make sure that you only push your company when it is appropriate – let people grieve in peace.

Use the magic power of promotional gifts wisely. Remember that spending money blindly and frivolously on useless gifts is a waste. It will not impress your clients and will not help your business grow either.