60th birthday gifts

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A 60th birthday is a momentous occasion and should be celebrated with enthusiasm and excitement.

At 60, adult children have left the family home (hopefully) and the house is now peaceful except for perhaps, the pitter-patter of the tiny feet of grandchildren. With retirement taking place or looming, there is more freedom to be able to do things you always wanted to do. Most people celebrating their 60th birthday will attempt to avoid an extravagant party and being spoilt with a plethora of gifts, so it’s nice to think of some more interesting 60th birthday gifts to mark the occasion.


Wine makes a great gift for anyone but if you wish to really impress one of the more indulgent 60th birthday gifts is a favourite bottle of wine from the year of the person’s birth. Not only will they appreciate getting their favourite drop, they will also be very flattered that you have gone to that extra effort to find something more personal.


The more colourful and uplifting of 60th birthday gifts, flowers. Not just a bunch of roses no, how about sixty long-stemmed roses to mark each year. If not roses, how about a collection of sixty flowers including different favourites. This will surely make an impressive bouquet and will decorate any room beautifully.


There are many gorgeous coffee table books that will make a lasting gift that can be displayed at home. Think about the person and their interests and choose a theme that will suit. There are many coffee table books with great photographs on almost any subject. Famous photographers, fashion, jewellery, golf books, gardening books, cookbooks and architecture are all great 60th birthday gifts. For something really unique, searching for a rare book or one that is out of print is a wonderful gift that would really be appreciated especially if it holds special significance for the person.


Preparing dinner is a great gift that is even more personal if all their favourite meals are included. Whether it’s something extravagant or a simple dish, the thought and effort you take will be greatly appreciated. If you’re not much of a cook taking the person out to their favourite restaurant to celebrate is one of the more unique 60th birthday gifts.

Food hamper

Putting together a food hamper is one of the more useful 60th birthday gifts. At 60 some people don’t want a pile of gifts they don’t really need. Food is something that will be appreciated especially if you include favourites. An assortment of different chocolates would be a chocolate lover’s dream. If the person is a fan of French food, a collection of cheeses and a baguette is an idea or perhaps a collection of herbal teas. If they’re a food lover in general a hamper of homemade jams, relishes, spices, nuts and homemade biscuits make great 60th birthday gifts.

Gift vouchers

A voucher of can be a great idea, especially if it includes pampering. Anything from a massage, facial, haircut, manicure or pedicure would be greatly appreciated as it’s time to relax. A voucher for a day spa one of the most relaxing 60th birthday gifts. A voucher for weekend away is a 60th birthday gift that can be a shared experience. If you want to be more inventive with 60th birthday gifts, a voucher for 60 coffees at a favourite café is a fun idea that will most definitely be used.

Something special

60th birthday gifts such as jewellery are memorable as they are long lasting and can watches or bracelets can be engraved to mark the occasion. Give someone their favourite perfume or cologne. If travelling, something bought from overseas like a scarf from Paris or a painting from Venice are very special and unique 60th birthday gifts.

A 60th birthday is a great occasion to spoil someone special to you and if you really want to go all out, how about giving someone 60 separate gifts to mark each year? Start thinking about 60th birthday gifts…