Cheap gifts that impress!

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Being frugal can be a character trait or a necessity.

Some people like to watch their money while others have such a large extended family, they simply have to budget their gift spending.
It is a misconception that cheap gifts are cheesy. If you choose your present wisely, add a few homemade accessories and decoration, it can be equally impressive and memorable as a more expensive gift. People realize that, in most cases, effort and intention are more valuable than anything money can buy.

Lovers can surprise one another for Valentine’s Day, or any other romantic occasion, with a self-composed poem or song. The girls can knit a scarf, sweater or hat, while the guys can surprise their sweetheart with a handcrafted jewelry box, a CD with their favourite songs, or an expected picnic at the park. Pack roasted chicken, cheese & crackers, fruit, condiments, a nice bottle of wine and a blanket and you will have a wonderful time. Even simple sandwiches that you personally made will make her heart flutter.

The best way to save on gifts is by watching the sales. Toiletries, colognes, picture frames, stationary, wish cards, board games, tote bags, music CDs & DVDs, coffee cups, gardening and handyman tools are often reduced. Why not pick up those items and stash them in the corner of a closet until the time is right? The person receiving the gift does not know you only paid half and will feel extremely special because of your generosity.

Lots of gifts for everyone in the family can be purchased for under $ 20.
For children:
• Reading & colouring books are available for all age groups.
• Wooden or plastic building blocks help with coordination and kids can also learn their colours.
• Babies love motion-sensor fish bowls, featuring lights, soothing music and ocean sounds.
• Teenagers love handheld games. It keeps them busy and will make car rides a lot more peaceful.

For her:
• A nice coffee table runner with matching placemats can be found for every season.
• Most women love mood rings as well as fashion or custom jewelry.
• The younger woman with an extensive wardrobe may enjoy a lady’s watch with interchangeable wristbands.
• Candles are romantic mood makers, but more so if they are scented and float in a decorative glass dish.

For him:
• Gadget lovers will be thrilled with a brand new tactical laser self defense flashlight.
• A wall clock with the logo of his favourite sports team fits perfectly in his workshop or bar.
• You can never go wrong with a gourmet sausage or imported beer sampler.
• A 1000 piece bolt, screw & washer kit neatly arranged in a plastic storage case is a crafter’s dream.

Handmade gifts are appreciated year round, but especially during Christmas. Trays of cookies and squares are handed out on beautiful tin trays. The ladies craft exquisite necklaces, earrings & bracelets, children make tree ornaments, which they will hand out to their grandparents, uncles and aunts, and the carpenters will carve wooden salad bowls and picturesque figurines. Paintings, drawings and collages, counted cross stitch wall hangings, hand-knotted rugs and other crafts will be ever so impressive. Yes, the materials may have been cheap, but with the love that went into these creations, their value has skyrocketed, turning them into priceless treasures!