Christmas hampers – the perfect gift for your staff

The success of a company depends on many factors. For instance, its location has to be perfect, promotions have to reach the right audience, and the advertised products and services have to be in demand. The list of requirements is long, and also takes into account the morale of the many employees that support their employer – you - through the good, as well as the bad economic times.

All year long, your staff performs to the best of their ability to make your company one of the most successful businesses in its industry. They are proud of their accomplishments, and often go beyond the call of duty to secure excellent sales. Your staff values the customers as much as you do, and often go to great lengths to guarantee that their customer service tops that of any of your competitors. They feel connected to your company and look upon their work stations as their ‘home away from home.’ Such dedication needs to be rewarded, especially during the annual Year End celebrations.

Christmas is the perfect time to reward loyal staff members and let them know how grateful you are for their hard work. Showing your sincere appreciation can be accomplished in various ways, but the rewards the majority of employees still enjoy the most entails receiving gifts.

People are thrilled every time they receive a present. It makes them feel special, and shows them that someone felt they deserved a little extra attention. If the gift comes from you, the employer, they will also know that their hard work all year long was noticed. It will spur them on to perform even better next year.

Of course, no manager or company director has the time to sit down and go through all the personnel files to research what would make each individual staff member happy. That would be very unpractical and too time consuming. Instead, he or she should find an easier solution, one that will please just about anyone, and will not provoke favoritism.

Christmas gift hampers are generally sold in many sizes and price ranges. This allows you to either buy everyone the same gift basket or mix and match. Some staff members may have accomplished more than others, have higher ranking positions, or may have been longer with the company. The decision will be yours to make.

Not all Christmas hampers are alike. Some will be limited to delicious foods, such as European cheeses, sesame crackers, Swiss milk chocolate, fruit bonbons, and roasted macadamia nuts, while other may also contain alcoholic beverages. Champagne, wine, liquor and beer are often packaged with imported edibles, in addition to seasonal baked goods and treats. They often also include gourmet coffees and an assortment of unusual teas.

Presented in large woven willow baskets, glossy gourmet boxes, or other festive containers, Christmas hampers are always smash hits. They are ideal because the assortment of wonderful goodies they contain will not only be enjoyed by your workforce, but also by their families. Your gift will be shared... isn’t that what Christmas is all about?