How to pick the perfect gift basket

Whether you are invited to a Christening, received a wedding invitation, or want to woo your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, you want to make sure that your gift is impressive. How can you do that? Simple! Present a meaningful and delightful gift basket.

Giving from the heart seems easy, yet many people have trouble realizing their intentions. They are confused, bewildered and have no idea what gift would be appropriate for the event they want to attend. Those are the people that should consider ordering a gift basket from an online merchant, such as ‘gift sensations,’ as nothing shows your appreciation and admiration to your party hosts than a carefully picked gift hamper.

Knowing that you want to buy a gift basket is one thing, selecting the right one, another. The following helpful tips are put together to help those gift shopper who have trouble determining which gift basket is right for them.

New baby
When picking out a gift basket to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, make sure that your selection not only holds something for the infant, but also includes a little something for the mother. She deserves as much attention as the child.
Popular baby gift basket items include: a stuffed toy, baby care products, newborn clothing, as well as snacks and Moet Champagne for the mother.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one day a year you absolutely have to say ‘I love you!’You can do this in various ways, but none is so impressive than giving her or him a basket filled with sensational, romantic gifts.

Popular Valentine’s Day basket items for her include: strawberries in chocolate, hazelnut cream pralines and other sweet indulgences, an assortment of wine, luxurious towels and bath products, scented candles and body massagers.

Popular Valentine’s Day basket items for him include: Belgian butters almond thins and other cookie varieties, Tasmanian Fudge, a variety of local and foreign beers, strong alcoholic beverages including Premium Scotch, gourmet coffees and teas, or exclusive toiletries presented in a ‘travel wet pack.’


Regardless if the present represents a thank you to clients and staff, a greeting to family and friends, or a token of affection to loved ones, you can never go wrong with a Christmas gift basket. It is an original idea, which is truly appreciated because it is not viewed as one single present, but rather as a compilation of gifts. It almost feels like a gift that will never end.

Popular Christmas basket items include: baked goods, imported meats and cheeses, delicious spreads and jams, fruit bonbons, as well as Christmas decorations and candles.

Gifts for couples

A care package for a couple should contain items that are appreciated by both partners. You can select something romantic for a relaxing evening, a basket that contains anything a couple needs for breakfast in bed, or a package that includes all the ingredients required for a fun pick nick.

Popular gift basket items for couples include: drink mixes, fine liqueur, crisp Melba toast, lemon Myrtle Biscotti, Cappuccino coffee shots, an assortment of teas, delightful chocolates and body lotions.