How to prepare for the madness of the Christmas gifting season

Intro Christmas

The lead up to Christmas is a stressful, frantic and confusing time of year.

There are so many things to organise and this means that essential tasks or, more embarrassingly, people are forgotten or swept aside. To avoid minor disasters at Christmas time it’s a good idea to prepare in advance by organising lists of things to do and of course a list of Christmas gifts for all the special people in your life. So that you’re not left running errands at the very last moment, start writing your ‘to do’ lists and your Christmas gifts list at the beginning of December. This will give you plenty of time to get everything done, especially if you need to deal with any last minute changes.

The first thing to do when writing out your list of Christmas gifts is to go through all the people you want to give a gift to. Start with your immediate family and then extended family. Then move onto friends, co-workers and any other people you would like acknowledge with Christmas gifts. It’s then a good idea to go through your list and write down ideas for Christmas gifts for each person. This will give you a clear idea of what you are looking for and will save you time, when having to deal with busy stores and shopping centres. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose Christmas gifts for people, especially if you’re not too sure of people’s different tastes. It is especially difficult finding Christmas gifts for children as teenagers as their tastes change more frequently than most. If someone is particularly difficult to buy for and you are really stuck for ideas, give a call to a family member who might be able to point you in the right direction.

To get you started here are a few ideas for Christmas gifts:

As mentioned previously, children can difficult to buy for because of their wavering likes and dislikes. Christmas gifts that will be appreciated by both parents and children are books. There are books available for any age from cloth and board books to picture books and pop-up books. There are books for early readers and of course the more advanced and teens. There is often a popular series for different age groups that is bound to be enjoyable. If you re sure books are not the way to go, toys are always a hit. Why not look at board games and activity packs that are more educational.

For Him
There are the usual Christmas gifts like socks, jocks and ties but if you wish to put a little more thought into your gift, look at purchasing a more personal gift. If you’re familiar with his tastes in fashion perhaps you could get a nice shirt by a favourite brand that’d he like or a t-shirt that is unique. You may even be able to influence his fashion sense with your purchase. Christmas gifts such as watches and cufflinks are good if you want something more traditional. When looking at Christmas gifts for him, think about his hobbies. If he likes sport, tickets to a special event are a great idea. This also works for music and different gigs. If all else fails, chocolate and baked goods are a good alternative.

For Her
Traditional Christmas gifts for her include perfume and jewellery. No woman would be dissatisfied with either of those. As with for him, look at her tastes and hobbies. Coffee table books are always appreciated as they contain beautiful photographs on varying subjects such as fashion, travel, art and even interior design. If she likes cooking there are some divine looking cookbooks of varying cuisines. Tickets to a show or music concert show you have put extra thought into the gift for her. Buying clothes is probably one of the more difficult Christmas gifts but accessories such as bags, purses and scarves are easier to choose.

Kris-Kringle is a great way to work out Christmas gifts for co-workers. This way everyone can decide on a price range and it saves causing any issues between colleagues.

In addition to Christmas gifts it’s a nice idea to send out Christmas cards to friends and family that live abroad or you aren’t able to see frequently.

With all the Christmas gifts sorted, don’t forget the Christmas tree. Get in early so you get a fresh looking tree. If you’re hosting Christmas lunch or dinner, work out exactly what you wish to prepare. Look at different recipes and write out a shopping list of all the different ingredients you need. Sometimes turkeys are sold out, so if you can reserve one, most continental grocery stores are more than happy to do this for you.

With everything planned and sorted you probably want to make sure you have some time off to get away after Christmas and relax.