Tips for when you need kids gifts

intro kid opening present

There is nothing more enchanting than the anticipation on a child’s face when they know they are going to receive a gift.

They may try to guess what is in the package or simply rip it out of your hands when you take too long to hand it over. That is the beauty of being a child... you can get away with it!

When buying a present for a child pay attention to its age. A play & learn push baby automobile with a working horn and realistic engine sounds may entertain a two year old, but would be rather boring for his 4-year old sibling. She may prefer a play date ceramic tea set, a princess castle, a teaching time clock or a butterfly garden. Boys that age may be intrigued by the mystery of magnetic construction blocks, a design & drill activity center, a tee pee tent, or a parking garage with sturdy Matchbox cars.

If you buy a gift for a baby, it will be to please the parents more so than the child. Babies have no concept of what it means to receive a present and won’t until they start to reason. Therefore, consult the parents about what the child needs, or what development stage it has reached.

The older a child, the more vocal he or she will become about what it likes. Be aware that kids change their mind frequently and the dinosaur kit and glamour dollhouse they loved one day may be replaced by die-cast construction trucks or a dress-up doll with hair that can be styled, the next.

It is wrong to think that toys should be classified by gender. Although mostly boys play with vehicles, swords and robots, girls can too. Many playthings, like an interactive, talking sorter farm with colour coded keys, a foosball table, computer games, karaoke machine, a basketball hoop, science kits, a kid-tough digital camera or musical instruments, can be interesting to both boys and girls.

Always a hit are Disney related gadgets, clothing, books and sing-along CD’s. Who can resist charming characters including Mickey, Minnie, Winnie, Snow White, or Tinker Bell? Most children would love to have their own copy of ‘Aladdin’, ‘the Jungle Book’, ‘the Little Mermaid’, ‘the Lion King’ or ‘Alice in Wonderland’, just like they love backpacks, pajamas, lunch boxes, pencil pouches and other knick knacks linked to their favourite television personalities, singers and rock bands.

Although older kids may not necessarily perceive their gifts as ‘toys’, game consoles, chess sets, skateboards, Star Trek models & communicator replicas, as well as Star Wars memorabilia can be categorized as such. They may still enjoy playing board games with their friends, finish a 500-piece jig saw puzzle, or ask for accessories for their hobbies. Guys may enjoy assembling an authentic race car, while the gals have fun learning how to crochet, knit or hook a rug.

It does not matter if you are shopping for a friend’s child, your own, or your grandchildren, exploring toy stores is always exciting. It brings out your inner child and the many wonderful memories you gathered throughout your own childhood.