Wedding gift ideas

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A wedding is a very special occasion and months of preparation go into putting the big day together.

The lead up to the wedding day can be stressful for everyone involved but the end result is definitely worth it, as friends and family come together to celebrate the union of two people. With so much for the happy couple to organise, when starting their lives together, they will be very grateful for any wedding gifts they receive. Some couples have a listing at a gift registry and this is helpful as it offers guests a wide range of wedding gift ideas and guests won’t have to worry about overlapping others with the same wedding gift ideas.

There are plenty of traditional wedding gifts that can be bought to help the newlyweds set up their home, as well as some more modern gifts.

Here are some wedding gift ideas and wedding bomboniere ideas to get you thinking about the perfect gift for the newlyweds

Manchester and Bedding

This is one of the less thought of but essential wedding gift ideas. Every new homes needs bedding and there are many different items to choose from. A beautiful new doona cover is a good place to start. Other items, if you wish to complete the gift include sheets, pillowcases, pillows, decorative cushions and throws. Towels are another of the essential wedding gift ideas. Getting a nice set of bath towels will compliment a new bathroom and beach towels are great for the summer and holidays.


If the newlyweds are setting up a home together, cookware is one the vital wedding gift ideas. Pots and pans are essential for the new home. Other items that are often overlooked are as simple as a kettle and toaster. To make life a little easier for the newlyweds, a microwave or even a rice cooker is helpful. If you know that the couple has a love for coffee, a coffee machine is a little luxury to have in the kitchen. Slow cookers are also very popular and make a great wedding gift idea.

Cutlery and knives

It’s no use having all these amazing things to cook with if you have nothing with which to eat the food. A nice set of stainless steel cutlery will be much appreciated. Knives are also essential and getting a good set of stainless steel knives will make food preparation in the kitchen a breeze.

Platters and Glassware

If all the essential wedding gift ideas have been taken, opt for gifts that are useful but also great for entertaining. Look at buying a set of serving platters or perhaps some glassware. Items like champagne flutes and wine glasses are kept for years and are great wedding gift ideas.


If you wish to opt for a more modern wedding gift idea, items such as a television and DVD player are great for downtime. Also, an iPod dock or a surround sound system is a great wedding gift as the couple can use it for them for themselves as well as for entertaining when they have friends over.


To keep all their memories safe, photo albums are great wedding gift ideas and also as a wedding bomboniere. They can use it for photos taken on the day or fill it with photos they take over time. A digital photo frame is a more modern interpretation of the photo album and is great for showing friends photos.

Travel voucher

If the newlyweds haven’t worked out their honeymoon or you think they may need some time to get away in the future, a travel voucher is a more unique wedding gift idea. Even choosing a place nearby can be a great idea for a weekend getaway.

There are many different wedding gift ideas. Talk to others who are attending the wedding to work out what to get or perhaps you can all contribute to get the perfect wedding gift as a group.