Choosing the right Gift for the right Occasion

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When you are buying a gift there are a number of aspects that you need to consider about the person you are buying the gift for.

Is the person a child or adult? Man or women? What are their interests and hobbies and what have I given them before for this occasion? These are just a few examples of the questions that you need to be asking when it comes to gaining the right gift for a certain person. It is questions such as these that you need to keep at the forefront of your mind to ensure that you buy something that is appropriate and that will be appreciated by the person receiving it. However it is also important that your choice of gift is appropriate for the occasion it is celebrating.

There are so many reasons every year for us to send out presents to our loved ones, a few of the obvious examples of these are Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries. As all of these celebrations come around every year it can be a struggle to know what to buy for those closest to you. One way to easily help you get around this is through purchasing items that have a certain association with the day you are buying for. So take anniversaries for example, some of the common gifts that are associated with this celebration is a bottle of wine, chocolates, flowers and jewelry. You can make use of any of these as long as you put your own twist on them. What I mean by this is, take flowers for example, instead of buying a bunch of roses, why not opt for a rose bush this way your other half will always be receiving roses from you. Or if your other half is a keen gardener then why not buy something you can both enjoy such as seating or a water feature. Basically keep your options open and you will soon start coming up with a list of ideas.

There are however two celebrations where there aren’t really any generic presents that can be sent, I am of course referring to birthdays and Christmas. These are the two times of the year when a lot of us don’t really know where to start when it comes to gifts. A great starting point to help you out of this problem is remembering to not simply buy something for the sake of it, buy something you know will be appreciated, even if it seems like it would make an unlikely gift. For example if the person you are buying for enjoys reading, do a bit of research, find out their favorite genres and the writers that they have read in the past or they are currently enjoying and buy some books based on these factors.

Another example is if someone likes painting, instead of buying aspects such as brushes or paints, which let’s face it, they will already have, why not get a hold of something they have created and get it framed.

The art of gift giving is one that represents your love and gratitude to a person, so make sure you express this the next time you have to send out a gift and make your choice really count.