Celebrating Mother’s Day in Australia

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Mother’s Day is a day of joy, enthusiasm and passion.

It is celebrated across the world, including Australia. Similar to countries like the US, Canada and New Zealand, Australian mothers and mother figures receive recognition for their efforts and achievement every year on the second Sunday of May. It is the perfect day to express our deep felt gratitude to the woman who gave us life, supported and nurtured us, through good and bad times.

As the leading lady of the family, on Mother’s Day, she can sit back, relax and have the family take over her responsibilities. Men and children of all ages will contribute to make this a special day and they may:
• Sign up for organized walk/run to raise money for causes like breast cancer research. If you cannot make it that day, sign up for one on another day and help the Leukemia or Make-A-Wish foundation, The Leprosy Mission Australia, etc.
• Take mum to the zoo, movies, an exhibition, the botanical gardens, river cruise, or other places she enjoys.
• Do not let her cook, but instead take her out for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or a nice dinner at a popular restaurant. You can also offer her breakfast in bed and cook a wonderful meal at home.
• Present handmade gifts or cards to mothers, stepmothers, foster mothers, legal guardians, or other mother figures.
• Buy her flowers, chocolates, clothing, jewelry or other appropriate items. Gift vouchers for a massage, the theatre, etc. will also make her happy.
• Use their imagination and compose, print, present or broadcast a Mother’s Day poem.
• Contact the media if something special happened in previous years and have that unique Mother’s Day experience publicized in magazines and newspapers, or have it mentioned on the radio, television or the internet.

In Australia, it is tradition to wear a carnation on Mother’s Day. A colored carnation signifies that a person's mother is living, while a white carnation is used to pay tribute to a mother who is deceased. Aside from their own mother, children also honor their grandmothers, as well as other females who love and care for them as if they were their own. Mothers are showered with attention from the morning tea all the way to the evening dinner party. They will receive countless small or large gestures of affection throughout the entire day.

As times are becoming more commercialized, traditional fresh flower gifts are now often accompanied by perfume, novelty gifts
and hampers, chocolates, and year-round gifts, such as books from her favorite celebrity chef, like Gordon Ramsay, Iain Hewitson, Kylie Kwong or Jamie Oliver, a luxurious massage chair, custom playing cards, hand embroidered cushions, mother & child figurines, a gourmet gift basket or fine china photo mugs. Expecting mothers can receive gifts for the baby and you can have bouquets, flower arrangements, and delicious pralines & truffles delivered directly to those mums living overseas. In that case, make sure you add a note and also give her a call. She will appreciate to hear from you!

The next Mother’s Day in Australia will be on:
May 09 - 2010
May 08 - 2011
May 13 - 2012
May 12 - 2013
May 11 - 2014
May 10 – 2015

Try not to forget!