Chocolates and Flowers

Pink Chocolate Garden

Chocolates and Flowers, the perfect gift combination to win her heart

There is no perfect gift combination that is guaranteed to win her heart. Unless of course she’s slightly dim, easily persuaded and you have the hypnotic powers of a magician. However there are definitely ways to convince her that you’re keen and someone she should spend her valuable time with. It’s called effort. The word may make many recoil with distaste, I mean it’s such an effort making an effort! But if you are even slightly smitten then this shouldn’t be too difficult. In modern society there isn’t time to go to extensive lengths to impress her. Scaling walls may have worked for Romeo (in a sense) but can be dangerous, writing love letters is painful and often ends up being too clichéd and more hilarious than romantic and serenading…unless you’re a professionally trained singer, just don’t. So how to make her notice that you’re eager to win her over?

It’s much easier for the modern male to stick to the simple things in life but a text here or there is not really going to cut it. Something more tangible is the way to go. Start with the basics. Chocolates and flowers. Anyone could have though of that? Well, not just any chocolates and flowers, try to make the gift unique to her. Make the effort (there’s that word again) to find out her preferences. What’s her favourite type of chocolate and her favourite flowers?

Chocolates and flowers are easily accessible but when choosing chocolate don’t just grab the first bar or box of chocolates you see from the supermarket shelf. If you can, get to a speciality chocolate store. There are many around and there is a plethora of chocolate to choose from. You can choose white, milk and dark chocolate. There are fillings of coffee, cream, mint and caramel, as well as chocolate-coated macadamia and almonds. Most of these stores will be happy to put together a little gift pack for you, so you don’t have to stress about wrapping or making it pretty yourself. These shops also offer samples so you get to taste test the best chocolates. So once you have the first part sorted you need to move onto the second of the chocolates and flowers gift combination.

Generally all flowers are pretty and will probably impress but as previously specified try to find out her favourites. You can ask the florists advice and they will generally know which flowers make a great combination and how to create a beautiful bouquet. If you are at a complete loss as to her favourite flowers, you can’t go past roses. The come in a variety of colours and their fragrance is exquisite. The romance and history attached to roses will impress on its own. Roses are also generally available all year round.

Once you have the chocolates and flowers sorted, you can organise getting them to her. Having them delivered to her home or work will surprise her but even turning up with them is equally impressive.

Getting chocolates and flowers also means she can show them off. Flowers can be displayed in a vase in the apartment or office, visible for anyone to question who they are from and chocolates can be enjoyed by her as well as shared (again prompting the question who are they from).

Chocolates and flowers are not only an ideal gift for her to impress but they also make life a little easier for the modern male who may struggle at times. Chocolates and flowers are gifts that can’t be messed up too easily and have been used for centuries, so they must be a successful, right? Make the effort and see!