Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

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Wedding anniversary gifts by year are a symbol of eternal love.

They show a deep bond between partners and create a connection that will grow stronger with each passing year.

These gifts are undoubtedly important for married couples and not just for the reason that they strengthen their union. They are significant because these seemingly simple tokens of affection will take the relationship to a totally new level. The following list of gift ideas is only a general guideline. You will have to decide for yourself if you want to be conventional or contemporary.

Year Traditional gifts Modern gifts
1 Paper clock
2 Cotton China
3 Leather Crystal, Glass
4 Fruit, Flowers, Linen or Silk Appliances
5 Wood Silver ware
10 Pottery or Tin Leather or Diamonds
15 Crystal Watches
20 China Platinum or China
25 Silver Silver
30 Pearl Pearl
35 Coral Jade
40 Ruby Ruby or Garnet
45 Sapphire Sapphire
50 Gold Gold
55 Emerald Emerald
60 Diamond Diamond

Gift ideas

Year 1: paper
A novel, personalized with your partner’s name, a magazine subscription, books, photo albums, a framed photo or stationary, adult board game, an origami creation, posters or fine picture art.

Year 2: cotton
Bedding, drapery, and lingerie, clothing, towels, bathrobes, pajamas made from organically grown cotton.

Year 3: leather
Leather briefcases, planner, gloves, jacket, pants or skirt, mobile phone covers, saddles, reins & tack, steering wheel cover, belts and boots.

Year 4: fruit or flowers
Plant seeds & garden supplies, flower bouquet, Bonsai tree, lucky Bamboo, floral & fruit scented candles or potpourri, edible blooms, fruit baskets, fruit tea, flower stained glass window, or floral fragrances and perfume.

Year 5: wood
Furniture, golf clubs, plant a tree, photo of you in wooden frame, antique clock, hand-carved jewelry box, birdhouse, engraved chopsticks, or wedding chest.

Year 10: tin
Tin cups & jars, cookies, chocolates or popcorn in a tin, vintage spice tins, sculptures, toys, bar signs, gadgets, cookware or piggy banks.

Year 15: crystal
Photo locket with crystal embellishments, stemware, and bowls, serving plates, decanters, jewelry with crystal beads & charms, or flasks, bottle tops, money & tie clips decorated with crystals.

Year 20: china
China dinnerware, salt & pepper shakers, Christmas tree ornaments, Chinese tea, a meal at a Chinese restaurant, a trip to China or an exhibition about Chinese art.

Year 25: silver
Silver coins from your wedding year, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches & other trinkets, cigarette lighters, silver picture frame, bookmark, & saving banks, silver pocket watch with an engraved love message, or a mirror, lipstick & powder case.