What to give a boyfriend early into a relationship?

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New relationships are exciting, but can also be somewhat confusing, especially if Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, or your new boyfriend’s birthday is coming up.

The problem with new relationships is that you do not know with certainty how they will proceed. You are still in the process of getting to know each other and many mysteries still have to be unveiled. Will he be “the one,” or just a fly-by fling? Only time will tell! Unfortunately, in the mean time, you are stuck with the difficult task of choosing him a gift.
A few simple questions and observations can go a long way when buying gifts for a new boyfriend. Does he have a hobby? What courses is he taking? What does he do for a living? What are his favourite foods, drinks, cars, movies, or authors? What kind of music does he enjoy? These are straightforward, simple questions, with answers that can easily be remembered, and do offer great gifting possibilities.
Some guys are very active and quite open about what makes them tick, but if your new beau is not one of them, maybe the following suggestions can help you out.
• It is no secret; boys enjoy their gadgets. Quite appropriate are solar powered gadgets, time-saving devices, funky keychains, unusual pens, or laser pointers.
• Men like speed and cars. Rent him a hot car or motorcycle for an afternoon, or take him to the racetrack.
• Food always hits the spot. You can prepare a meal, take him out to dinner or hand him a nice food gift basket. If you know his favourite restaurant, you can also add gift certificates to your wish card.
• Many hunks will not admit it in front of their friends, but some do actually enjoy a bit of romance. Organize a picnic or take him to your place. Light a few candles and see where the evening takes you.
• One of a man’s basic needs includes beer. If all your prince-charming wants for his birthday is a six-pack, and a peaceful evening in front of the TV, count your blessings, as it won’t bankrupt your bank account.
• Kicking a ball around, dunking, pushing and shoving... men love sports. If your lover-boy is a sports fan, buy him tickets to a sports game, or inexpensive memorabilia from his favourite team or athlete.
• The desire to be a hero runs through every man’s veins. Young or old, they love everything that can help them achieve that goal, including spy novels, action, war and science fiction movies, army memorabilia, ninja gear, and anything that can transfer him to a world where he is a superman.
• Depending on your financial situation you can, of course, shop for more expensive items like a weekend get-away, concert tickets, an MP3 Player, a game console, or other electronic devices. Just make sure, that he does not perceive this as a commitment, unless that is what you want him to believe.
The key to finding the right gift for your new man is to keep it simple. Don’t go all out, because it will send confusing signals. Men dislike confrontation and the feeling of being pushed into a relationship. Even if that is not your intent, elaborate gifts, such as jewelry, will give him that impression. In this case, prevent rather than fix!