Great gifts for graduates of all ages

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Graduation gifts are traditionally given when someone graduates from high school, trade school, college, university, or any other type of learning institute.

On occasion even elementary or middle school achievements are celebrated, but that is usually when a student had to overcome a lot of obstacles to reach that stage in his or her education.

When considering graduation gifts the choice may be difficult because there are many factors to consider. How much you should spend? What is your relationship to the graduate and what kind of graduation it is? If the student is between high school and college you may not have to be as elaborate as when he/she recently received a medical degree. In that case, a platform laptop case, a congratulations mug, a Royal Dalton graduate silhouette figurine, or a teddy bear dressed up in a graduation frock & cap, holding a scroll that has been tied with a red satin ribbon, may not really show your pride.

Money is a traditional gift, but here too, keep the distinct difference between high school and college graduation in mind. The graduating high-schooler may frivolously spend his funds during his break or summer vacation, while the college or university student will need the cash to settle down or buy suitable clothes for upcoming job interviews.

Young graduates focusing on a career path will be happy to receive just about any gift that will help them in their search for employment. Ideally, parents or grandparents would love to give them a car, but that is not always possible. Instead, they may have to settle for a savings account, a new computer or mobile phone, a desk organizer, a nice briefcase or new watch.

Anyone else can buy whatever gift they feel is appropriate or memorable, and will remind the recent grad of this glorious occasion. This can be a personalized picture frame with tassel on the side of the glass enclosure, inspirational jewelry, an imprinted alarm clock with docking station for their MP3 player, colourful memo pads, a subscription to their favourite magazine, or a cool webcam.

The grad with a specific career path in mind is easier to shop for. Those going into the business field may need a sleek charging station for their electronic, handheld devices. This tray is so sophisticated it even provides plenty of space for wallet, watch, and keys. The future account can always use a mahogany nameplate for the office desk, while the nurse may love a silver-toned, handy quartz pin watch. Occupational gifts cover most professions and offer awesome mechanic belt buckles, featuring an intricate tool design, authentic monogrammed Chef's jackets, dentist Christmas ornaments, hairdresser/stylist cartoons, silver cross cufflinks for the for the preacher.

The time where all students were young is long gone. Today, many adults return to the classroom to finish high school, continue the college education they abandoned when they were young, or to get into a new career. These older students, can find delight in a humorous gift, a celebration gift basket with Champagne & sweet treats, a Johnnie Walker bottle & glasses set, a “world’s best” gourmet hamper, or dinner reservations at an exclusive restaurant. Whatever the reason may be for these courageous men and women to return to school, all they really need is support and understanding, and the acknowledgment that their efforts are appreciated. Anything else is gravy!