Unusual gifts to buy for under $100

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An indoor waterfall to create a soothing natural environment, a blue globe with digital mapping, or a sophisticated, portable media case for the techie are gifts that are a little different from most standard birthday, graduation, housewarming or birthday presents.
If you have the luxury to spend up to $ 100 on a gift, your shopping field is a lot more substantial than that of someone strapped for cash. It offers you the freedom to visit shops and online merchants otherwise out of your league.

The electronics departments are always a good place to start your search. You can buy a portable electronic dictionary with calculator and spell checker, a Bluetooth solar speaker phone with hands-free car kit or a Rock Band PS3 wireless Rickenbacker 325 guitar controller for your brother or boyfriend.

The selection for home and garden devices is endless. Always attractive are, a high capacity bathroom scale with load sensors, auto off functions and the option of weight in pounds or kilograms, a heavy-duty, steel construction, or perhaps a digital storage safe with hidden anchoring system, for home, office, boat or RV. You can never go wrong with a bottle of wine, but delivering it in a bag, why not place it in a hand painted poly resin bottle holder shaped as a whimsical animal or an odd looking character. These holders are also ideal for displaying beer, whiskey, and other beverages.

If the recipient is hard to please or already has all the gadgets and nick knacks his/her heart desires, one can always offer a voucher for a solo or tandem parasailing adventure, a half day of rock climbing, a high speed jet boat ride, a 2 hour surfing training session, sea kayaking with a fully qualified veteran guide, or a scenic helicopter flight to explore their neighbourhood from above. If they have little or no fear, they could even experience the thrill of flying trapeze lessons or explore underground caves with rivers and maze-like caverns. In untouched caves are no ladders, handrails, guide lights or other amenities, only nature and cavers dressed in overalls, safety boots, helmets and headlights.

Children’s toys can be as cheap or as expensive as you like. If the youngsters have a game console, you can pick out a couple of new games. Movie buffs would love to receive a movie they like. Add associated collectibles, board games, T-shirts or pajamas and you will be their favourite uncle or aunt for a year. Remote control play vehicles and robots are always a hit and so are telescopes, anti gravity jumping boots, pogo sticks and collectable Barbies.

Be different and refrain from traditional fancy soaps, colognes, scented candles, jewelry and chocolates. Instead, consider a guardian angel wall fountain, a medieval atomizer cradling a crystalline cluster or a pasta gift hamper with gourmet sauces, olive oil, Mediterranean Balsamic vinegar, pimento stuffed olives, parmesan cheese, Italian sugar cookies and a bottle of authentic Chianti. When you deliver the basket, also bring a bowl of Panzanella, Italian bread salad and a few portions of home cooked spaghetti a la Bolognese. With all these delicacies at their finger tips, your recipient will be more than overjoyed. If you give it to a lover, who knows where all that Italian passion may lead to!